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Have you ever wished your parents would have told you the truth instead of trying to protect you? Only to scar you in the end. “We all have faults. I am not naïve. But everything about my dad seemed good. He wasn’t perfect, but he lived what he preached. He was kind and honest… a Godly man, whom everyone loved and respected.” He was perfection in her eyes, he was not capable of doing anything wrong. Shelly loved her dad unconditionally and she placed him on a pedestal.


On the other hand, Shelly did not have a bond or a connection with her mother the ice-queen. Shelly could not understand why her mother treated her so indifferently. She was mean and callous towards her privately, but she tried her best to put on a show in public. Shelly internalized the harsh treatment she received throughout her childhood. In her heart she felt that something was wrong but she was unable to confirm her suspicions.


As such, Shelly watched her father overcompensate in an effort to protect his wife. Shelly was traumatized as a child, she walked around on eggshells, trying her best not to upset her moth- er. She had to be the perfect child, and still that was never enough for her to inherit the love from her mother. A desperate Shelly spent most of her life trying to understand why her mother never loved her. She tried her best to please her mother, unfortunately nothing she did was ever satisfactory.


“Children live what they learn, and children learn what they live.” This platitude is so accurate. Shelly grew up idolizing her father so much that she looked for the attributes which her father possessed in her husband Rock. Unable to find that perfection, she sabotaged her marriage because Rock was unable to live up to her unre- alistic expectations.


Shelly never had the opportunity to unpack her negative childhood experiences and she held onto that burden for years. It eventually turned into anxiety which threatened Shelly’s emotional well-being and ability to care for her son after learning the shocking truth about her dysfunctional parents. Will Shelly finally find the emotional free- dom that she deserves?


Perfect Imperfection

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  • Love, trauma, secrets, an emotional rollercoaster. This romantic thriller will take you for a ride leaving you spellbound.

    When innocent Shelly and bad-boy Rock met each other, they could not resist the compelling desire to be together. Defying her opinionated mother, Shelly accepted Rock’s proposal and the two got married.  


    Will their love for each other prevail? After a less than amicable separation, Protagonists Rock and Shelly struggled to co-parent their six-year-old son. Can Rock overcome his personal struggles and be the father that his son deserves?

    Shelly was mortified when she inadvertently overheard the dark secret that her parents kept hidden from her since birth. Shelly’s emotional wellbeing is threatened after discovering the truth.  Will this dark secret ruin Shelly? Or will it finally liberate her? Will this revelation reunite Shelly and Rock?

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